300 Winchester Magnum Ammo

300 WIN MAG ammo for sale in stock today at Pewpewammunitionstore.com. It is a belted bottlenecked magnum rifle cartridge that Winchesters Repeating Arms Company came into existence in 1963. Its design is in a way that is suitable for a rifle action. This ammunition is highly versatile and has been adopted by many users, such as hunters and target shooters. 300 Win Mag ammunition can tackle tight tolerance for hunting, plinking, and more
outdoor activities.

Hunters found the cartridge to be an effective all-around with bullet options ranging from the flatter shooting of 165 grains to the harder-hitting 200+ grains. This cartridge is of two types: rifle and big game, and it occupies an overall length of 3.34 inches, rim thickness of .049 inches. Its parent case is the .375H&H magnum which was .38 inches; the neck diameter is .339 inches with a base of .532 inches in diameter. When talking about the case, it occupies 2.3 inches. This ammunition is boxer primed, non-corrosive, and designed for original standards. This provides maximum weight retention for a more accurate shot. It has more than enough power to hunt all species of ungulate family members such as Elk and Moose, making it preferable to experienced hunters who hunt big game. With double diameter extensions, 300 Win Mag ammunition achieves an excellent accuracy for better tissue and bone destruction of targets.

Military law enforcement units use it but is frequently used by ungulate hunters. It delivers a better range than the .30 caliber cartridges making it excellent and advantageous in long-distance hunting. In addition, the size of this ammunition is compatible with popular rifle models such as the Remington models 700 and Winchester models 70.

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