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Buy the best deals on 30-30 ammo for sale in stock available in bulk and by the box today. At pewpewammunitionstore.com, we provide ammunition in all categories at affordable rates. The 30-30 shell was first introduced to the firearm industry over 100 years ago, and it is most commonly used in lever-action hunting rifles or other single-shot weapons like revolvers. This cartridge was originally manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms and Union Metallic Cartridge Company with a 160-gram jacketed-lead bullet and first marketed in 1895 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle and was offered that year as the USA’s first small-bore sporting rifle cartridge designed for smokeless powder together with the .25-35 cartridge. For a rifle cartridge to maintain this level of popularity for over a century is quite a feat, but marksmen who have shot with 30-30 Winchester ammunition understand that the cartridge is one of the best rounds for hunting. Unlike other hard-hitting cartridges, the 30-30 Win has very manageable recoil and is mostly used with lightweight rifles that are easy to lug around the hunting grounds. pewpewammunitionstore.com offers a large selection of 30-30 ammo for sale in stock from some of the most trusted brands, including Federal Premium, Winchester.

30 -30 ammunition is a rimmed bottlenecked cartridge considered ideal for big game hunting with a limited effective range of about 200 yards, which is very effective against the deer-sized and black bear-sized game. This ammunition has bullet weight ranging from 110-170 grains; its parent case is .38-55 Winchester with a bullet diameter of .308 inches, neck diameter of .330 inches, and base diameter of .422 inches. It has a rim thickness of about .063 inches and a rim diameter of 12.9 mm. that said, the cartridge has an overall length of 2.550 inches, and its muzzle velocity/energy is dependent on its bullet weight. The muzzle velocity ranges from 2,227ft/s (170 grains) to 2,684ft/s (110 grains) and its energy from 1,760-1,929ft.lbs. We aim to provide the best customer service, and at pewpewammunitionstore.com, we are committed to providing excellent, cheap, and secured ammo deals all in stock at affordable
prices. Packaging is well done, and goods are transported with care to avoid damages, and we are time conscious and reliable. So choose pewpewammunitionstore.com as the ideal site to get
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