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5.7×28 ammo for sale in stock online at Pewpewammunitionstore.com. This ammunition is produced by FN HERSAL, designed in Belgium to maximize velocity. It is a bottlenecked centerfire cartilage, smokeless powder rebated rim. Made along with a site with FN P90 and FN five-seven pistol for personal defense weapons. A panel of NATO experts recommended this caliber. IT is equally effective in ballistics tests that could be produced or manufactured. On existing products line and above all withstand high and extreme temperatures.

As said above, this ammunition called 5.7×28 ammo is the rimless bottlenecked case with an overall length of 1.594 inches (40.50mm). The bullets loaded in this cartridge are ranging from 23 grain to 40 grain. The muzzle velocity is in-between 2.350 feet per second for a heavier round and 2,800 feet per second for a lighter game. The case-related rim has a bullet diameter of 5, 70 mm with a rim thickness of 1,14mm and a capacity of 0,90cm3.
This small caliber has been used in services from the 1990s till the present, like wars like the Iraq war, the Mexican Drug war, and other wars. Due to its effectiveness, high velocity, and small size permit the shooter to perform their recommended task actively, it’s mainly or commonly used among military and law enforcement agencies. It was known that by 2006, the 5.7×28 firearms were in use by military and police forces in over 40 countries, and it’s still urgently in use in the United States by their law enforcement agencies.

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